We are delighted that you are interested in joining our team. At outofzbox you will get the opportunity to learn and grow alongside some of the most amazing talents, the chance to deal with an array of multinational clients and the ability to inspire and get inspired by everyone around you. Our partners and our people are the foundation of our success. To join our team at outofzbox and become part of the family, start by choosing one of our departments below to find the right opportunity for you:


outofzbox is all about storytelling; it is the core of our agency. Storytellers are the creative engine behind all the agency’s work, working directly with the Chief Inspiration Officer. They are the real talent that transforms, analyzes and generates messages into real life stories; that are both compelling and touching and will act as the core of any project.

Project Leadership

Project Leaders are the ambassadors of the agency, they understand, decide, and speak in the agency's name. They act as the Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) to the client, while leading a full team; from Creative Designers and Purchasing to Operations. This function involves trips around the world, daily challenges, and big decisions to be made within a multifunctional team.

Creative Leadership

Getting out of the box in every detail. Thinking, brainstorming and creating visuals that were never designed before; delivering on the client's message. Working closely with Project Leaders and acting as the creative engine in the project's loop, their biggest thrill happens every time they see their designs implemented in real life.

People Support

Innovation at outofzbox has extended its arms even to People Support, who are challenged everyday to enable their diverse people to deliver outstanding results. The PS design adopted by outofzbox is that of multinationals, from the recruiting process until the renowned Hay Grading System. For PS the human touch is a priority that is not taken lightly.


Engaging and energizing people within the different organizations, shoppers within a store or consumers in the market or in the trade with activations that cater for the equity of the brand/ mindsets and storyline to ensure the audience’s enjoyable experience. They create and lead all types of activations for the agency.

Brand Building

Brand building is responsible for strengthening the agency’s equity, they are the ambassadors of the outofzbox brand. Their talent lies in being outofzbox and building the right image. Brand building presents the agency’s beauty internally and externally. Engaging people internally and partners and customers externally is the core.

Executive Assistant

An Executive Assistant supports our management and is responsible for all the Chief Inspirational Officer/General Manager’s business plans, some of their personal plans as well as duties that have an effect on the efficiency of the business. An Executive Assistant will work with, report directly to and be coached by our Chief Inspirational Officer or our General Manager.

Operation Leadership

Great ideas are worth nothing if they are not exerted with greatness, and leadership is never complete without proper execution. That's why execution is the ultimate stage that brings all the creative ideas to life. It reflects how good or bad the agency is and it frames the final picture that all other departments have been working on for days and weeks. This is usually the final product that the client sees.

Purchasing & Logistics Leadership

No company can grow or survive without efficiency, which does not mean cost saving, but making the smarter decisions to be able to get more out of less. The ability to reach BIA quality products with the least cost is the real talent, keeping a friendly yet firm relationship with all suppliers and sourcing new suppliers not only adds to the agency’s suppliers’ list, but also to the agency’s equity worldwide.

Accounting Leadership

Numbers, excel sheets and graphs are innovative at outofzbox. Compiling them accurately and efficiently into detailed, timely reports for top management to help them make solid decisions based on measurable data. In those changing times, efficiency has extended its arms to this function. Organizing data is the key to success for Accountants.

Our hiring process

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CV Screening
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Recruitment Assessment
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People Support Interview
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Function Head Interview
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General Manager/CIO Interview
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