Our Philosophy

The outofzbox philosophy that we live by is composed of 3 different phases: Love it, Learn it and Live it. This philosophy guides everything we do everyday both at work and in our personal lives. We believe in the power of love, and that anything that is initiated out of genuine love is bound to succeed and prevail. It all starts with Love, if we don’t love what we do, there is no point doing it. Be it loving the client, the team we are working with, the project, or even a small task, everything has to be done with passionate love. Only then can we have enough drive to really learn more about what we are doing, not just knowing about it, not just understanding it, but actually learning it, being the very best at it, mastering it. Until we reach the phase of actually Living it, which is when it becomes a reflex, a muscle memory, we don’t really have to think of it to have it done right, it just comes naturally. We eventually see everything in our day through the lenses of what we are living.

Our Philosophy


The C-Spot is a "life model" created by our Founder & CEO Tamer Mustafa and it is acting as a guideline to our cultures and how we operate in business and life. "C" stands for "Creation", not creativity but creation, creating something out of nothing and making it a new standard for generations to come. And we believe that we created a new industry that never existed which is Corporate Inspirational Storytelling. The C-Spot is a philosophy rather than an action plan. It is the sweet spot between one's heart, mind and soul that can lead to miracles. They are simply 3 Ss leading to 3 Ls.


Start with your "Spirit" and make sure you do what you love, and love what you do. Not to just be "ok" with it, or like it, or see it's "pretty fine" but actually "Love it", and want to marry it.


Work your "Skills", and sharpen them until you "learn it", not just know it, or understand it or skim it, but actually "Learn it", and keep doing that deliberately every single moment.


"Sustain" what you do best, and work on doing it even better, don't seek doing new stuff, just improve on what you're doing until you "Live it", you dream of it, you see it through everything in your life.

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Our 3 philosophy phases cascade down into our 4 characters to help us relate them more to our daily jobs.


Ownership is our ownership to the company’s equity, our ownership to the project we are leading, our ownership to the client we are working with, and above all –and most importantly- our ownership to our own personal equity internally and externally. Ownership originates from love.

LEARN IT cascades to QUALITY

Quality is a belief. It is a mindset, it is a way of living, and it is expected in everything we do, every time and with everyone internally and externally. The agency’s global business requires us to settle with nothing less than the Best In Absolute quality throughout every single touch-point. The more we seek learning on how things are best done; the more quality we can deliver.


Efficiency is getting a higher outcome with lower cost, time, energy, people or resources. It is in other words the belief that anything and everything is doable faster, cheaper, and better than ever before. When we really live what we are doing, every time we do it, we improve our efficiency.

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We Love, Learn, and Live our four values in everything we do, both internally and externally with all of our stakeholders; our people, partners, and communities.


Integrity is the cornerstone of anything we do, that is why we deal internally and externally with well-earned trust derived from clarity and alignment on business ethics.


We believe in diversity as a main source of inspiration, differences are fueling our creative engines. We value equally all genders, styles, backgrounds, origins, ethnicities and religions. We do not differentiate favorably any, and actively include all.


We win when we all win. Our victory is not bound by any other party’s loss unlike the common practice, and we believe that our best wins happen when the whole universe wins. Our definition of winning is totally aligned with our people, our suppliers, our clients and our communities.


We created the term Best-In-Absolute quality to bring to life how exclusive the quality experience should be to our universe internally and externally. We are not interested in delivering an OK job or service, unless it is exclusive we will not do it, and if we’re doing it anyway, we will make it exclusive. We set the tone, we raise the bar, and we create new standards everyday.

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