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Thomas Delabriere
Thomas Delabriere Vice President Marketing - Mars Very clear, very inspiring, challenging but at the same time comforting.
Uluc Ayik
Uluc Ayik Vice President Fabric & Homecare - IMEA, Procter & Gamble Tamer helped me deliver the vision that I had in mind successfully to my organization.
George Nassar
George Nassar Vice President - Nigeria, Procter & Gamble The flow is so perfect. The ideas flow so clearly and so crisp sharp.
Ahmed El Zoghby
Ahmed El Zoghby Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer - Middle East & Africa, PepsiCo Every big win that I had in the past 10 years, Tamer and outofzbox were part of it.
Suresh Narayanan
Suresh Narayanan Chairman & Managing director - India, Nestle outofzbox has the imagination to put together the thoughts that one would like to express and they expresse them in the most creative and the most compelling manner.
Wissam Hawassli
Wissam Hawassli General Manager - Levant, Transmed outofzbox helped me in simplifying my mind. I knew what the business needed but I was not able to communicate it that smoothly to the organization.
Sanjeev Chadha
Sanjeev Chadha Chief Executive Officer - AMEA, Pepsico In the word the storytellers lies the key insight which outofzbox has built upon and has created a tremendous amount of relevant expertise.
Mohamed Samir
Mohamed Samir Group President - IMEA, Procter & Gamble If you have a story that you want to tell your people to change them, to make them do things better and to make them achieve better results then call Tamer or call anyone in his team.
Olav Silden
Olav Silden President - EIMEA, Duracell Berkshire Hathaway Tamer’s ability to enable us to tell a compelling story is fantastic. The capabilities and the content he brings and his great experience in this area is truly world class.
Namrata Patel
Namrata Patel Vice President Product Supply- Latin America, Procter & Gamble outofzbox has gone beyond the limits of what I thought they are going to deliver.
Hesham Sewilam
Hesham Sewilam General Manager - MENAP, Sc Johnson outofzbox’s team got into the nitty-gritty details of the organization and met with all our key team members to deliver what was a great concept; appealing and relevant and they narrated it in a storytelling way that was quite impactful.
Gustavo Lopez
Gustavo Lopez Vice president Product Supply - IMEA, Procter & Gamble Tamer has put together an amazing story that supports the delivery of what I want to achieve with my organization. He has an ability to play with words in a way that creates a message that is engaging, telling, insightful and brings to life the message of what we want to achieve.
George Tsourapas
George Tsourapas Group President Global Homecare - Procter & Gamble outofzbox don’t create speeches or events, they create fundamental stories, stories that we want to tell the people and engage them even more into the things that we try to achieve.
Fares Sayegh
Fares Sayegh Vice President Product Supply - EMEA, Procter & Gamble Without Tamer it is very difficult for us to bring to life some of the ideas that we want to simplify for our audience in order to engage them. So that they can go and deliver beyond what the simple mind can think of.
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan Chairman & Chief Executive Officer - Speed Distribution I was extremely impressed, I cannot speak about myself and my experience better than that. Very professional, very simple, very thorough, I like it very much and I feel very comfortable with it.
Agnieszka Orlik
Agnieszka Orlik Vice President Global Fabric Care - Procter & Gamble outofzbox understands what is really happening in our minds and in our hearts. I love it and it would take me ages to do it the same way as they did.
Witold Nowacki
Witold Nowacki Director - Egypt, Pampers Tamer helped me to be truly authentic and the speech I made had a remarkable impact on my organization.
Safwan Thabet
Safwan Thabet Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer - Juhayna Tamer doesn’t just believe in anything he is told, instead he studies, records and analyzes everything and in the end he shares with you his ideas.
Henri De L'Epine
Henri De L'Epine Managing Director - Egypt, Danone With a light but very reactive and open team, Tamer quickly understood the DNA of our company, the challenges and strategies of this year and he has turned that into music.
Mohamed Shawky
Mohamed Shawky Vice President Sales - IMEA, Procter & Gamble outofzbox succeeded in bringing the concept to life. They took it and applied it throughout the 3 days of the event by means of presentations, themes and videos. By bringing this concept to life, the audience left remembering it and will act on it as well.
Abdallah El Harby
Abdallah El Harby General Manager - Saudi Arabia, Waad Academy outofzbox believed in us and believed in our story and brought it to life.
Seif Thabet
Seif Thabet Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Juhayna What distinguishes Tamer and outofzbox’s team is that they gather important information about the company. They make sure to first learn about the vision of the company and then Tamer sits with you to learn about what you want to communicate to your people.
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