ozb's cio is the number 1 influencer in the president’s career

A letter with such powerful words coming from a Procter & Gamble President for a region like India, Middle East and Africa is the embodiment of everything we have been working for and what is still driving us everyday. As per the agency’s mission, we inspire people to redefine their potential, and that is exactly what the attached letter confirms.  No words could describe this letter better than its own words, so we leave you with it:

Dear Tamer,
As you know, I had been appointed President of P&G IMEA (India, Middle East and Africa) effective July 2014. I was reflecting over the vacation period on who are the 10 people who had the biggest impact on me, enabling me to achieve an important part of my professional and personal career and you personally came out as my Number 1 among the Top 10. This note is just a simple thank you and appreciation for all that you have done for me since we have gotten to know each other in 2005.

Recall, we first met when I was in Cairo leading the Near East business for P&G and I needed help to deploy and convince the organization to triple the growth rate of the previous 5 years while merging two very different organizations based in Cairo and Beirut. We worked together over 3 years and we made it happen. We worked together again when I was in charge of Laundry Western Europe, then merging Fabric Care, then the balance of Europe. A very tough ride and the first two years were really pointing towards a failure, but again, we made it happen and here I am - promoted. The good news is that the Fabric Care business enjoys a turnaround that continues even after I had moved on.

You were able to craft convincing and motivating stories to change the behavior of the teams I worked with to deliver better results. You also coached me on how to deliver the story in an impactful way. All this while dealing with P&G in the utmost professional way and providing great value. I want to thank you again for your support and help. While I don’t have enough words to thank you, it is at least a way of expressing how grateful I am. I look forward to working more with you and your young, but growing team in the future. I owe you !

All the best,
Mohamed Samir


Mohamed Samir's letter

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